The mission of the Alaska Mariculture Research and Training Center is to build partnerships and leverage resources to facilitate and coordinate training, research and dissemination across disciplines (e.g. biology, engineering, economics, marketing, food sciences, etc.) for better success of industry and community development and to improve mariculture management.

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Sponsored by Washington Sea Grant, the 2024 Conference for Shellfish Growers will take place at the Alderbrook Resort & Spa, in Union, Washington, on March 11 & 12 2024. 

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Voice Your Experience

Do you have experience or ideas on identifying practical ocean acidification mitigation strategies around shellfish aquaculture? The University of Washington wants to hear from you! 

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AOOS OA & Climate Survey

Help select topics for a 2024 Discussion Series on ocean acidification and climate!

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Training Resources

Farming Bull Kelp: Lessons Learned and Future Considerations

We reached out to all parties (as knowledge allowed) that have experience growing bull kelp (e.g. for restoration, food security, commercial, etc.) to conduct interviews to document their experience and the cultivation specs of their farming efforts; summarized, here.

University of Alaska Southeast Alaska FT S123 Introduction to Mariculture

In this 3-credit online course, students are introduced to the principles, concepts and methods used in the production of seaweed, shellfish and other mariculture products with an emphasis on the techniques used by Alaskan producers. The course will cover all aspects...

University of Alaska Southeast Alaska Aquaculture Semester

A field-based semester intensive is being offered in the Fall of 2023 by the University of Alaska Southeast – Sitka Campus Applied Fisheries program.  This program provides hands-on, practical, and occupational training. 

Alaska Seaweed Farm Start-Up Training Program

The Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, along with project partners, including Alaska Sea Grant, GreenWave, Blue Evolution, OceansAlaska, ALFA, NOAA, AMSEA, ADF&G, ADNR, DCCED, mariculture farmers and enthusiasts across Alaska, hosted an Alaska Seaweed Farm...

Latest News

The Washington Post–Alaska’s newest gold rush: Seaweed

Alaska underscores both the urgency in developing the industry, and its promise. The communities here are losing their livelihoods and food faster than in many other places. In Alaska, ocean farming could chart a different path from the sort of extraction that’s defined it for more than two centuries.

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