About the AMRTC

The mission of the Alaska Mariculture Research and Training Center is to build partnerships and leverage resources to facilitate and coordinate training, research and dissemination across disciplines (e.g. biology, engineering, economics, marketing, food sciences, etc.) for better success of industry and community development and to improve mariculture management.

The AMRTC will facilitate and coordinate among public and private mariculture research, training, and development organizations, state and federal agencies and tribal entities in Alaska.

The AMRTC is administered within the University of Alaska at Alaska Sea Grant, which is a partnership between the University and NOAA, and includes two leadership positions, a Director and a Mariculture Specialist, Melissa Good. The AMRTC Director is an ex-officio member of the Alaska Mariculture Alliance (AMA) and holds an ex-officio voting seat on the AMA Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

The AMRTC will work closely with the AMA to facilitate communication and partnerships with industry. Because of the limited capacity for industry to provide guidance to multiple entities at this time, the AMRTC will evolve in a phased approach. In its first phase, the AMA will serve as an industry link to the AMRTC. In phase two, as the industry grows to $10 million and/or the role of the AMRTC evolves and has additional resources, the AMRTC will create industry and/or science advisory committees or boards.