Potential for Resilience: Examining the Effects of Ocean Acidification on Alaskan Bivalves

In Southern British Columbia, tribes have noticed variability or decline in their black seaweed populations in some locations.

The goals of this project are to engage with the Metlakatla Indian Community and other tribes in Southeast Alaska on their interests for monitoring local black seaweed populations and the potential cultivation for restorative, commercial, or modified traditional practices. The project aims to close the life history of black seaweed more predictably in a laboratory setting. A cultivation manual will be created and shared with mariculture stakeholders.

Principal Investigator / Project Partners:

  • Tiffany Stephens, Kelp Line LLC
  • Keolani Booth, Metlakatla Indian Community
  • Tomi Marsh, OceansAlaska
  • Seagrove Kelp Co.
  • Tom Mumford, Marine Agronomics

Project Term:  2022-2024

Funding:  $102,004, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission