Developing improved seed of the Pacific oyster for the Southeast Alaska regions

Oyster farming in Alaska relies primarily on seed produced in hatcheries which offers an opportunity for genetic improvement of oyster seed using controlled genetic crosses and rigorous field assessments of seed performance. In collaboration with NOAA Fisheries scientists stationed at the Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute (TSMRI) and Little Port Walter (LPW), Pacific Hybreed intends contribute to improved understanding of seed performance in specific cold-water ocean conditions which could result in selection of genetic lines suitable for the Alaska shellfish industry.

Principal Investigator / Project Partners:

  • Francis Pan, Pacific Hybreed
  • Jordan Hollarsmith, NOAA AFSC
  • Becca Cates, NOAA AFSC
  • Henry Fleener, NOAA AFSC
  • Heather Fulton-Bennett, NOAA AFSC
  • NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center

Project Term: 2023 – 2025

Funding: $90,000, Alaska Mariculture Cluster