Western Regional Aquaculture Center: Solicitation for Research Priorities for FY2025

With WRAC currently fully funded, we look forward to planning the NEXT call for pre-proposals (RFP FY25).  The first step in developing the RFP – – – to ask you and your colleagues, stakeholders and constituents for input in the development of research and outreach priorities.

This first step is the basis of the next RFP. In order to match WRAC funded projects to the needs of the aquaculture industry, we rely on you to bring forward all the priorities – new and old – for the Western Region.

The Process:  

  1. Poll your colleagues from within the industry sector which you represent, including state and species aquaculture organizations in which you are a member, and through personal industry contacts to identify 3-5 priority research and outreach problems relevant to the Western region.
    • Keep in mind that the project have multi-state applicability, and if known, which states might be represented.
  2. Click on the survey link highlighted below and complete the short 5-question form. When finished with your entry, just hit the “Submit” button at the end of the form.
    • IMPORTANT: Please complete a separate entry for EACH of the 3-5 priority areas you submit.
  3. If for any reason you cannot access the survey, then send your submission by email to Julie (jkhahn@uw.edu).

The survey is now open. SUBMIT your priorities here 

DEADLINE: Survey closes at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Information about WRAC’s process for determining research priorities:
For those of you new to WRAC or a brief refresher, the following is an overview of the steps taken to develop a list of research priorities (IE: Problem Statements). From this list of priorities, Problem Statements are drafted and used to solicit pre-proposals for new projects to be funded in FY2025:

  • Input is requested from the Industry Advisory Council (IAC), Extension and Research Subcommittees (TC) and project members
  • The WRAC Administrative Office (AO) compiles the ideas from the survey list and forwards them to the IAC members in late August
  • The IAC convenes in October (one day prior to the IAC/TC) to evaluate all of the information and develop a short list of key research problems from the Aquaculture Industry’s point of view  (See SAVE THE DATE: IAC Meeting Tuesday, October 3rd – more info to follow)
  • The AO distributes the IAC list to the Technical Committees (Extension and Research) at the beginning of the IAC/TC Meeting for all members to review.
  • IAC/TC Meeting convenes in October where the research priorities are further discussed, consensus reached on the highest ranked priorities, and problem statements are finalized as much as possible. (see SAVE THE DATE: IAC/TC Meeting Wednesday-Thursday, October 4-5th – more info to follow)
  • Following the IAC/TC meeting, the Executive Committee will ensure the “Problem Statements” are ready for the Board of Directors to review in November 2023.
  • The Board finalizes the RFP for distribution in early 2024.

Watch for more information – SAVE THE DATES: 

  • 2023 IAC Meeting on Tuesday October 3rd (in-person: arrive Oct. 2nd, depart Oct. 5)
  • 2023 IAC/TC Meeting on Wednesday-Thursday October 4-5th (in-person: arrive Oct. 3rd and depart Oct. 5th)

Samples of the most recent Problem Statements for Pre-Proposals are included on pages 4-14 of our last RFP (FY23), attached here: WRAC Pre-Proposal FY2023. More detailed information about the process and our regional requirements can be found in the attached, Sec.3_Project Planning_WRAC Ops Manual_6-28-19, from the WRAC Operations Manual, attachment and the Timeline for FY2025 WRAC RFP Dev.